GAAHF Joins 15th Aviation Summit


German American Aviation Heritage Foundation Joins U.S. Aviation Summit

Bringing Inspiration in Innovation to One of a Kind Restoration of Lockheed Constellation

(March 22, 2016, Washington, DC) At the 15th Annual Aviation Summit, sponsored by the U.S Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the German American Aviation Heritage Foundation (GAAHF) was proud to participate in this prestigious gathering that brought together over 800 attendees and some 40 CEOs from across the aviation industry to discuss the latest commercial aviation policies as well as to showcase the conference theme of “Fascination in Flight.”

To kick off the Summit, Mr. August Henningsen, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Lufthansa Super Star gGmbH (LSSG), served as the morning keynote speaker and gave remarks on the “Inspiration of Innovation” and how the aviation industry has evolved from the pioneering roots in engineering and design through leadership and teamwork and how this legacy needs to be preserved and honored. Mr. Henningsen shared, “The inspiration behind the systems, engines, and airplanes comes from the hearts and souls and great minds and motivation of so many to advance our industry. Leadership, partnership, innovative and courageous ideas borne without a defined, firm destination have led to many magnificent milestones and discoveries in aviation and innovation we see and celebrate today.”

With those same core principles used by our forefathers in aviation –courage, skill, passion and teamwork, LSSG is restoring its first long range aircraft—a 1957 U.S. built Lockheed-1649A Super Constellation– the “Super Conny” – to be fully certified for passenger service. This is an incredible and intense restoration to bring this historical aircraft – the only one of its kind – back to the skies for an amazing and unique flight experience for its passengers.

This restoration under the leadership of Lufthansa Technik is a journey of precision work and enormous pride being performed by a very talented and dedicated team. This team of engineers and mechanics from US, Germany and all over the world are collaborating and restoring this “Super Conny” in the U.S. in Auburn, Maine.

As one of the “godfathers” of this project, Mr Henningsen offered, “It is a tremendous and extraordinary undertaking. This aircraft is being rebuilt at the cornerstone of inspiration and innovation. The “Super Conny” is being restored to her original design and layout with massive modern technology and avionics to be fully certified to current safety and flight standards. Once airborne, this “Queen of the North Atlantic” will not only be a modern-day tribute to American and German ingenuity and engineering and a meaningful showcase with which to honor our aviation heritage as a whole.”

The project has been ongoing since 2008 in hangar in Maine and Tom Blakely, renown engineer from Lockheed for over 30 years, also spoke at the Aviation Summit and shared his personal recognition of this restoration: “I was asked to support the project in its early stages and this was my first experience working closely with an MRO of Lufthansa’s caliber. Throughout the restoration project, Lufthansa has steadfastly held to their commitment to quality and attention to detail. I very much admire all of those attributes and know that the commitment to unquestioned airworthiness is a direct result of the culture Mr. Henningsen established at Technik.”

We welcome everyone to visit our website to learn more about this unprecedented journey on Participate in our raffle to win the original “Super Charger Pressure Indicator” of the Super Star by using the Twitter hashtag #BePartofHistory (@gaahfoundation ) and linking to our Facebook page German American Aviation Heritage Foundation. The winner will be announced in May. We invite you to join us on this historic journey by donating to this incredible mission.


About German American Aviation Heritage Foundation (GAAHF)

Through our motto of “Preserving Traditions and Rediscovering the Fascination of Passenger Flight” we aim to highlight the joint achievements in our U.S. and German aviation history while inspiring our future aviators and travelers to explore and embrace the journey of innovation and fascination of flight. In addition, we strive to facilitate and inspire Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEM + Arts) initiatives. The programs will focus on education in a collaborative manner by engaging students and teachers directly with the restoration and other educational GAAHF initiatives.

About Lufthansa Super Star (LSSG)

Be part of history in the making and let the Lufthansa Super Star become an affair of your heart. LSSG has appointed Lufthansa Technik with the restoration of this “vintage propliner to the highest levels in term of safety, reliability and comfort.” The Lockheed L-1649A will be better than new when it will be handed over to the hand-picked LSSG flying corps.

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