GAAHF Presented at Cradle of Aviation Museum


German American Aviation Heritage Foundation

Presented at Mutual Concerns of Air and Space Museums Conference

Inspiring all generations and preserving commercial aviation history

(April 4, 2016, New York City) On the last day of the Mutual Concerns of Air and Space Museums Conference, Mr. August Henningsen, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Lufthansa Super Star gGmbH (LSSG), spoke during the luncheon and highlighted the history of aviation and the mission of the German American Aviation Heritage Foundation (GAAHF). The four-day conference was sponsored by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, the Cradle of Aviation Museum and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum and brought together over 100 museums and museum-related organizations.

Mr. Henningsen highlighted the history of innovation in the aviation industry and introduced the GAAHF restoration project of the Super Star to the audience. He emphasized the three reasons for the project: to honor the joint legacy between the U.S. and Germany in aviation history, preserve a piece from the commercial aviation side, and to engage young people in the history of aviation.

“We need to preserve something from the commercial aviation side”, Mr. Henningsen announced. “People of our age have seen those planes flying, but we have to find ways to reach the young generation as well and to get them interested into aviation history. We can see how excited people get at airshows, when they see historic airplanes flying. We want to see this airplane flying.”

Mr. Henningsen paid special attention to the diligent work of Lufthansa Technik’s employees in Auburn, Maine, that work with passion and precision every day to reintroduce the Lockheed L-1649A Super Star to the world. With excitement, Mr. Henningsen presented the latest developments to the audience, showing the new vertical fins that have recently been installed on the aircraft. With the three vertical fins installed, the Super Star is starting to look like the legend it used to be in the skies again!

We welcome everyone to visit our website to learn more about this unprecedented journey on Participate in our raffle to win the original “Super Charger Pressure Indicator” of the Super Star by using the Twitter hashtag #BePartofHistory (@gaahfoundation ) and linking to our Facebook page German American Aviation Heritage Foundation. The winner will be announced in May. We invite you to join us on this historic journey by donating to this incredible mission.


About German American Aviation Heritage Foundation (GAAHF)

Through our motto of “Preserving Traditions and Rediscovering the Fascination of Passenger Flight” we aim to highlight the joint achievements in our U.S. and German aviation history while inspiring our future aviators and travelers to explore and embrace the journey of innovation and fascination of flight. In addition, we strive to facilitate and inspire Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEM + Arts) initiatives. The programs will focus on education in a collaborative manner by engaging students and teachers directly with the restoration and other educational GAAHF initiatives.

About Lufthansa Super Star (LSSG)

Be part of history in the making and let the Lufthansa Super Star become an affair of your heart.  LSSG has appointed Lufthansa Technik with the restoration of this “vintage propliner to the highest levels in term of safety, reliability and comfort.” The Lockheed L-1649A will be better than new when it will be handed over to the hand-picked LSSG flying corps.

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