Our Journey

This restoration under the leadership of Lufthansa Technik is a journey of precision work and a very talented and dedicated team in Auburn, Maine is performing this massive undertaking.  The “Super Conny” is being restored to her original design and layout with modern technology and avionics to be fully certified to current standards.  Once airborne, this “Queen of the Skies” will be a modern-day tribute to American and Germany.

Lockheed Super Star: The Comeback of a Legend

The L-1649A Super Star was the last and most significant model of the legendary Lockheed Constellation series. It quickly developed a reputation for being the preferred aircraft for non-stop reliable and comfortable transatlantic excursions. Built in 1956, it signaled the end of the long range, piston-powered air travel era; the intercontinental jet age was looming on the horizon. After acquiring what was commonly referred to as “The Queen of the North Atlantic” in 2007, the Deutsche Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung (DLBS) foundation, our GAAHF founding organization, appointed the Lufthansa subsidiary Lufthansa Technik to systematically restore this legendary historic airplane back to airworthy condition.

Restoration Process

Lufthansa Technik is undertaking an incredibly demanding and invasive maintenance and repair program for the Super Star. Complete restoration began in 2008 in a hangar at Auburn-Lewiston Municipal Airport in Maine. Nothing is being left untouched in this unique rebuild of one of America’s most significant commercial airliners.

Every inch of the aircraft is being inspected with the most stringent methods and high-quality standards put in place, allowing the Super Star to be fully operational and certified for passenger service. All works are based on Lockheed’s original design and test data, kindly provided by the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

Engineers used a newly developed, sophisticated laser scanner to create a virtual 3D model of the flight deck, passenger cabin, and exterior, depicting each vital component of the plane.

Over 90 percent of the materials in the primary and secondary structure of the aircraft have been replaced, using entirely new material. The aircraft will incorporate the latest safety features found in today’s commercial aircraft. By adhering to such rigorous testing and standards, Lufthansa Technik and GAAHF can ensure a superior, more technologically sound and advanced aircraft, complying with today’s standard reliability and safety requirements.

Unique Flight Experience

Once the full restoration of the Super Star is complete, the aircraft will be fully operational for passenger and educational use. The interior renovations will have the look and feel of the 1950’s paired with the exceptional and unmatched service that the twenty-first century has to offer.Flights will operate, as common in those days, at half the speed and half the altitude of today’s commercial airliners, giving passengers a unique perspective of the landscape below.

The cost of tickets aboard the Super Star will be made affordable to passionate aviation and travel enthusiasts.

Re-creation of the Super Star lounge will allow for an engaging meeting place on board.
Passengers will enjoy spacious seating within layout of original deluxe cabin.

STEM+ Arts

In addition to the one-of-a-kind travel experience, the Super Star will be used to facilitate and inspire Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEM) initiatives. Programs will focus on education in a collaborative manner by engaging students and teachers directly with the restoration conducted by Lufthansa Technik’s team and the future operation of the airplane.

Learning programs will provide today’s youth with knowledge and context of the past while delivering valuable lessons in shaping the future.

Programs will motivate innovative learning approaches for educators while supplementing existing curriculum with unique educational content.

Completing Our Efforts

GAAHF is offering partnerships to complete this historical renovation while promoting meaningful STEM+Arts education and fostering the strong friendship and important bond between Germany and the United States. The mission of the new Super Star has just begun. We hope that you will consider accompanying us on our exciting journey to “Rediscover the Fascination of Passenger Flight.”

Our Partners

It is also a journey of partnerships and we could not achieve this amazing aviation feat without the critical support of our esteemed sponsors and patrons. We have invested heavily into this project, and the magnitude of this historical restoration requires further substantial resources to be completed.  Our Foundation is seeking new significant partnerships and donors to invest in sharing this rebirth of a legend in aerospace excellence.